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The research chemical 3-MMC or 3- Methylmethcathinone is a designer drug.

This substance is from, the substituted Cathinones family.

You can buy 3-MMC nowadays, legally at different places.

Of course, it is important to know, where you can get pure 3-MMC powder both.



What exactly is 3-MMC and where does it come from?

3 Methylmethcathinone stands for 3-MMC, which is also the full name of 3-mmc.

The C11h15no Mephedrone substance is also known as meow meow.

The structure of Mephedrone 3-MMC is close to 4-mmc, and is legally available for research purposes.

3-mmc has become the replacement for Mephedrone 4-mmc, as 4mmc is illegal and banned in most countries.

Because 4-mmc is a structural 2 Methylamino 1 3 isomer, and has been known to be abused by humans.

The chemical 3-MMC is a Monoamine transporter substrate, which therefore inhibits the uptake of norepinephrine.


Where to Buy 3-MMC?

The research chemical 3-mmc is available on our site today, and intended for research use only .

You can buy 3 Methylmethcathinone legally on the internet, from numerous online shops.

It is important to buy your 3-MMC right away from the right online research chemicals website.

In fact, the purity and quality of the substance, is different at the service providers, from 2 Methylamino 1 3.

Unfortunately, you can buy mmc from a reliable source that offer research chemicals products.


Buying 3-mmc online

Our website offers quality products such as 3-mmc at the most competitive price!

3-mmc is not suitable for human consumption.

It is mainly sold in powder form, and can be ordered by the gram.

We are known and transparent, where reliability of our service is high.

Since 2021, our range of products has been exclusively diverse, and qualitative in comparison to other 3-mmc suppliers.



buy 3-MMC from our online store

You can view the range of products 3-MMC buy, and clearly see product information about 3-mmc.

With 3-MMC buy in powder form, you can do so by adding the number of grams of 3-MMC you want to your shopping cart.

Then you only need to fill in your address, and pay for your 3-mmc research chemicals.

As soon as you have ordered 3-mmc powder, we will send you package containing 3 Methylmethcathinone.

An order of 3-mmc will be delivered discreetly within 3 working days in the Netherlands.

3-mmc orders from abroad, will be delivered within 7 working days.


Buy 3-MMC

3 Methylmethcathinone or 3-mmc, is cheap and fast to get, on our research chemicals web shop.

If you have any questions about:

  • 3-mmc The replacement for 4-mmc
  • Other research chemicals
  • Product information
  • Ordering products like 3- MMC
  • Any questions about research chemicals

Please feel free to contact us via our email or customer service


3-MMC buy intended for research

Research chemicals such as the Mephedrone 3-mmc, is ordered per gram in powder form, and used for research purposes.

It is strongly discouraged to buy and use the substance mmc 3 Methylmethcathinone.

Since 3-MMC is not exactly fit for human consumption.

A research chemical product such as 3-mmc or

4-mmc Mephedrone, is thoroughly tested by chemists.

Little is known about 3-mmc

By testing 3-mmc lavishly, researchers can find out:

  • what exactly does 3-Methylmethcathinone do
  • The chemistry of this powder
  • And what reaction this formula causes

Since little is known about this formula, 3-MMC and other research chemical

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